Field of activity

  • Manufacturing MV & LV panels

  • Manufacturing control & correcting the power factor panels (capacitance)

  • Manufacturing cable tray & cable ladder

  • Design, construction and operation of industries

Right price

It doesn’t matter whether we are in the position of a buyer of products or as a producer, the better we know about products and how to use them, the better and more affordable we will be.

High quality

A quality product and its selection is one of the important issues of business, in the sense that our product is acceptable if it is prepared based on international regulations that are intended to measure quality around the world.

Experienced staff

With the support of 34 years of continuous effort and an experienced team of specialized personnel and engineers, it has completed many production and contracting projects.

We are MNCO

Mazharnour Company started its goal to collaborate in the country’s electricity industry with registration number 77134 in 1989 ( 1368 in Iranian calendar ) and has since had the honor of carrying out numerous production and contracting projects.


Leave your projects to us; With a history of completing several projects in different industries.